What are the Different Types of Lamp Switches and where can I buy them?

Making sure your home is properly lit is often only possible when you have a seamless lighting system that works together as one. Your lighting fixtures, bulbs, and lamp switches are just a few of the things that must work together in order for you to get incredible results. Your chosen lamp switches in particular can either make your life easier or harder.

Here, we’ll take a look at the different types of switches available and what they could help you to achieve.


Single or Double Pole Toggle Switches

This switch is often found in residential and commercial settings. It’s easy to flip on or off as it sticks out for easy access, and operates on a simple circuit with two-way operation. When most people think about switches they think about the toggle switch style. Most people have these switches in every room of their home. This is an extremely simple solution to your lighting needs and great for general purpose.

Some toggle switches do come with special features. Some of them are capable of interfacing with your smartphone, so you can set up timers to turn the light on at a specific time and activate it without moving! It can be integrated with your Alexa device, so many find this to be a wonderful option to get them started on their smart home journey.

Single or Double Pole Decorative Switches

This switch is fairly similar to the toggle switch but has two basic positions in order to determine the electrical current received. This switch has a flat surface and slight curves on each end, and they are most often seen in residential areas because they are  attractive and easy to use.

Rocker Switches

You can find the rocker switch in a medium or heavy duty design depending on its intended use. It is usually a flat style switch that is encased in durable materials like rubber, which is why it is found in industrial settings so often. It’s durable and practical, and fully enclosed for protection.

Pole Receptacle Combo Switches

This switch is a decorative pole style instead of a toggle style switch, with an electrical outlet receptacle for added function. This switch is a good choice for those who are trying to maximize space and electrical capabilities, and is usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens. It means you won’t have to rewire more solutions.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are great additions to a fledgling smart home. These switches can be controlled with your phone, and you can do this whether you are at home or not. You can make it look like somebody is home even when you are away, keeping your home safe from intruders. You can set a schedule if you need to and you can even control them with a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant.


Push Button Switches

This is a common light switch – really simple switches that work well in any home setting. They are common in bathrooms but they may also be linked to some kind of exhaust fan. Of course, there are some variations. Some models allow you to press a button and then return to normal position, while others will stay recessed until you press it again to turn the lights off. The one you select will depend on personal preference. Many homeowners prefer the switch that stays recessed because they get a visual cue of the position that the light is in. It can indicate whether you need to change the bulb or whether there’s another issue at hand.

Dimmable Switches

This switch tends to be a rounded knob that you flick up and down. Using dimmable lamps is crucial to get the best results for your switch in this instance. Lighting to set the mood can be a great call in lounge areas, living rooms, and bedrooms, which is why dimmer switches are so popular in residential settings. In some cases, you may not want full light after a long day, and being able to turn down the brightness will be better on your eyes and wellbeing. They are great for winding down before bedtime, too. There are different kinds of dimmer switches, including:

  • A touch switch that allows you to adjust light levels with a swipe of your finger.
  • A dial that allows you to adjust the level of light precisely.

If you like to read books before bed but don’t want the lights on all the way, this is a convenient light switch solution. Dimmer switches also tend to be effective halogen lamp switches as they work very well with halogen bulbs.

2 and 3 Wire Lamp Switches

There are lamp switch models with various wires that can be used for different purposes.

  • 3 Wire Lamp Switches – A three-way switch is a handy tool that allows you to control a light from two locations – for example, from the top of the stairs and the bottom. If the words ‘On’ and ‘Off’ aren’t embossed on the switch and it’s one of two switches that control a single light, then you are looking at a three-way switch.
  • 2 Wire Lamp Switches – A 2-wire system includes two wires – a Live wire and Switched Live wire.

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